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Astana . March, 26. Interfax-Kazakhstan – press service of the Head of the state informs that the President of Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev signed the law “On ratification of Kyoto Protocol to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change”.

According to experts’ forecasts ratification of Kyoto protocol will attract to the economic of Kazakhstan about $150-300 mln of investments in the nearest two years, and $500-600 mln till 2012.

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change was signed in Rio-de-Janeiro ( Brazil ) on June 11, 1992. with a view to effective realization of the Convention parties adopted Kyoto Protocol in Kyoto ( Japan ) on December 11, 1997.

Kazakhstan ratified UN Framework Convention on climate change in 1995, and Kyoto Protocol was signed in 1999.


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