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Kazakh Scientific Reseach Institute for Ecology and Climate (KAZNIIEK) is a branch of Kazhydromet and a scientific organization of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The institute is a legal body; it has an independent balance, and bank accounts including a dollar account.

KAZNIIEK has laboratory-production building equipped with modern equipment required for undertaking scientific, experimental and expeditionary works, and transport facilities. The value of the works executed in 1998 was more than 20 mln Tenge (about 250 000 USD).

There are two scientific departments in the Institute and an additional Service department. Highly qualified specialists, who received education at the leading scientific institutions of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, staff the Institute.

The basis for the efficient activity of KazNIIMOSK is about 50 years of experience of scientific studies, material from specific observations and expeditions, aero-space images, data from the State network of hydrometric stations and gauges, centers and control posts for the condition of natural environment for a period of 100-130 years.

KAZNIIEK occupies a leading position among comparable organisations in the CIS countries in many areas for environmental and hydrometereological development work.

Results of studies and developments from the Institute are used for information of governmental entities, production of future development plans in different spheres of economy and management of the territory, and as a basis for the activity of state and non-state organisations using hydrometereological and ecological forecasts, estimates and data.

KAZNIIEK has experience of working with a number of international organizations such:

  • Environment Protection Agency, USA;
  • Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI);
  • Aalborg University (Denmark);
  • Agency for Technical, Industrial and Economic Cooperation (France);
  • ORIZON Company (France)
  • "KOVI' Company (Denmark)
  • "Tanavia" Company, Switzerland
  • Meteorological Department of China
  • World Meteorological Organisation;
  • Programmes of UNEP, UNDP, Tacis, UNESCO, USAID, Inco-Copernicus
  • Meteorological Scientific-Research Institute, Japan
  • International Company "Kazakhstan-CaspiiShelf"
  • Oceanographic Institute (Netherlands)
  • Ministry of Transport (Netherlands)
  • Ministry of Energy (Iran)

KAZNIIEK is the only official source in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which guarantees a high level of scientific developments, analysis of data and calculations in the field of hydrometeorology and natural environment monitoring.

KAZNIIEK is ready to execute and present results in accordance with international requirements to its customers and partners:

  • Development of feasibility study for projects using water resources in the field of hydrometeorology and environment protection;
  • Studies in climate change impact and adaptation;
  • Greenhouse gases emissions and mitigation assessments;
  • Development of projects for estimation of the influence on environment of particular actions;
  • Undertaking analysis of the real condition of the environment and forecast of this condition for the period of realization of projects in future;
  • Organization of multi-level effective environment monitoring in regions of economic activity;
  • Estimation of water resources, their condition under the influence of economic activity and changes in climatic conditions, water balances of reservoirs, river basins and others territories;
  • Preparing reviews of weather and climatic conditions for different regions of the Republic, in the presence and absence of regime hydrometereologycal observations;
  • Estimation of natural and ecological risks of territory, intended for economic activity;
  • Preparation of target ecological and specialized forecasts on the Caspian and the Aral Seas, Lake Balkhash and their basins;

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