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By ARON HELLER, Associated Press Writer
Mon May 19, 9:25 PM ET
TEL AVIV, Israel - Al Gore received a $1 million prize on Monday for his environmental work from an Israeli fund.

The Dan David Foundation awarded the former vice president its annual "present" prize for alerting the world to the crisis from the overuse of fossil fuels. It also gave prizes in "past" and "future" categories.

The Nobel laureate received the award at a ceremony at Tel Aviv University.

In his address, Gore said, "We do face a planetary emergency. The phrase sounds shrill to many, but it is unfortunately quite accurate."

Gore said 10 percent of the prize would go to young researchers and the rest to the Alliance for Climate Protection, an advocacy group he co-founded and which works to change public opinion worldwide about the urgency of the climate crisis.

Gore shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 with the United Nations panel on climate change for their environmental work. After learning of his Nobel win, Gore said he was donating half his share of the prize money to the Alliance for Climate Protection.

International businessman and philanthropist Dan David formed the foundation in 2000 with a $100 million endowment, and a year later the award was first given.

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