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An Inconvenient Truth Sequel?

Nobel Peace Prize-winner Al Gore has told the The Sun last week that he would make a sequel to his Oscar-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.

“I will make a sequel to the 2006 documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and despite earths ‘rising fever’, I am hopeful for a happy ending,” said Gore. “I have to say the situation has not improved since I made the movie in 2006. Sure, awareness has grown and more people are concerned since scientists said we had just ten years to take action to halt rising sea levels. But the situation has got worse. The entire North Polar ice cap is melting and could be gone in some areas in as little as five years.”

However, Alison Lehrer, a spokeswoman for Paramount, told the Business & Media Institute that no movie sequel is in the works.

Gore’s book sequel to An Inconvenient Truth, The Path to Survival, will be released in Spring 2009. The book was originally set to debut on Earth Day 2008. The publisher of the book, Rodale Books doesn’t rule out the possibility of a sequel happening at another movie studio, but says that no plans are underway right now.”

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