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Completion of the first phase of the UNEP national training workshop "Introduction of up-to-date practices in maintenance of mobile air conditioners"

The first phase of training workshop "Introduction of up-to-date practices in maintenance of mobile air conditioners" for specialists on mobile air conditioners maintenance has been completed in Astana. Training courses for more than 50 specialists of the North, the East and the West regions of the RK have been carried out.

On 3-4 December 23 specialists passed through these courses and on 8 - 9 December 22 specialists, including the participants of the South region that haven\'t participated in the series of training workshops held in November in Almaty.

Participants have received certifications and 27 kits of equipment (22 units of freon recovery equipment, 5 sets of freon recovery devices).

The aim of this workshop is training the specialists to maintain with up-to-date practices in the sphere of refrigeration as well as training the trainers on maintenance with equipment for freon replacement in mobile air conditioners. The workshops participants had the opportunity to get the experience of modern equipment application and also to share their work experience.

Today the preparation for the Phase II of the UNEP project is being carried on and started. During the Phase II the training of technicians of refrigeration sector, who haven\'t passed the training in the course of Phase I has been scheduled. The training would be held by the trained during the Phase I specialists.

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