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[17/07/2007 14:37:17]

I would like to recomment to your climate interested readers a site
where they could find information about the connection between the
oceans and the climate:
[20/05/2007 23:01:20]

globoconsult - r
We would like to extend our best wishes again to the members of the
climate coordination centre in Kazakhstan. We are pleased to get in
touch with other interested parties on contributing to find solutions
to cope with the climate problem. We have specialized in Photovoltaic
and Solar energy consulting and planning concepts of implementing wind
energy and hydro power technology and other alternate energy
[18/10/2006 09:11:46]

Fuel Freedom Int
FFI Distributors Wanted – Reduce Emissions 75% while increasing
mileage! Fuel Freedom International’s MPG Caps are a revolutionary
new solid fuel treatment that is an excellent fuel dispersant,
combustion chamber improver and mileage enhancer. MPG Caps increase
the life of valves, spark plugs and glow plugs, inhibit formation of
unwanted residues, reduce carbon build-up and eliminate after run.
MPG Caps are composed of 100% active ingredients with no diluents or
fillers. MPG Caps are safe t
[15/10/2006 15:58:20]

Your landfill pr
Dear colleagues Some time ago, you submitted a landfill gas project
for inclusion in CBNet’s CDM Project Bazaar. We have now received
expressions of interest from European companies that specialize in
this area and are also interested in obtaining carbon credits from
such projects. Could you therefore, as a first step, please let us
know if these projects are still available and, if so, at what stage
of development they are, should there have been any additional work
undertaken since their
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