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[16/03/2024 22:33:53]

Claire Scott
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[15/02/2024 20:36:10]

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[16/01/2024 08:58:17]

james morgan
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[26/12/2023 07:04:06]

Dorka Izabella
All Thanks to Saclux Comptech Specialst for giving me a reason to
smile again. I lost all my savings in the hands of a fake investment
platform. In April 2020 I was scammed by Coincrypto Tech Bitcoin. I
invested half a Million dollars and After 30 days I tried to
withdraw on their website from the investment account but an error
came up so I contacted the support team to ask what the problem
was. They told me that I didn?t have the required amount to make a
withdrawal yet and that I should add more Bitcoin to enable me to
withdraw, So I put in more Bitcoin and tried withdrawal again, and
the same thing came up error. I then started to tell them they were
scammers but they kept saying they were legitimate companies. They
even gave me 2 other customers that will verify their legitimate
company. I ema?iled and asked them and they told me it?s all okay.
I decided to keep making payments to them when they still didn?t
refund I emailed back those 2 customers that they had working for
[18/12/2023 12:44:35]

Lori Parker
Hi everyone. I?m Lori Parker from Mesa, Arizona. I was one of the
victims of a crypto investment scam that saw me lose $302,000 worth
of crypto. The crypto market is very volatile and a lot of
individuals have lost some of their crypto coins and crypto assets
to these online scams. My wallet address was compromised and I don?t
know how they got a hold of my recovery phrase, but I was wiped
out by these scam attacks. I lost all my crypto coins ( ethereum,
Btc & USDT) and this left me devastated and depressed. I could have
been homeless if it was not for the intervention of Spyweb Cyber
Security Service, a well-known and highly trusted crypto recovery
company whom I contacted through a colleague of mine, I filed a
complaint to Spyweb Cyber Security Services and provided them with
all the information including screenshots of the transactions.
Spyweb Cyber Security Service was able to recover my crypto assets
in less than 48 hours. I was totally in awe of how quickly and
efficiently Spyweb
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