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5 MW Wind Power Station in Yereymentau


Country and location:
Republic of Kazakhstan Location:
Location: North Kazakhstan, Akmola oblast


Type of the principal GHGs targeted for reduction by the project- CO2


Project category: - Renewable Energy
Sector of economy is in the process of privatization
The project is a renewable energy project designed to generate electricity from hydro resources for supply to local and/or national grid.

Project description:

  • Objectives:
    The principle objective of the project is to demonstrate technical potential for use of wind energy resources in Kazakhstan, to serve a model for future introduction of wind energy into the energy balance of Kazakhstan and to reduce GHG emissions and pollution of environment. The additional objective of the project is to ensure regular supply of electricity to Yereymentau (130 km eastward of Astana).
  • Current situation and expected outcomes:
    This pilot wind energy project was identified in the frameworks of the market study "Wind energy in Kazakhstan", prepared by the Netherlands Energy Research Foundation ECN.
    Jermentau is located in a strategic position for the development of wind power in the Akmola oblast. First, the wind resources at Jermentau are the highest in the oblast. Second, Jermentau is situated along the power "highway" from Ekibastuz to Astana. A wind power plant can increase the reliability of power supply for the city and change the position of the city from a mere power consumer into a power producer
  • Outcomes:
    construction and operation of a 5 MW Wind Power Station and connection/integration of the wind power station to existing 110 kVA grid lines of Akmola oblast. The chosen technology makes the wind power station independent from the existing energy supply system.
  • Current status
    The existing description of the pilot project "5 MW wind power station in Yereymentau ", prepared in the above-mentioned ECN study, can be considered as a preliminary feasibility study. Ltd. "CARE" collected and analyzed detailed data of wind monitoring for 1 year. The estimated costs are counted for the option of supplying energy irrespective of the grid, for the time being such wind turbines are non-typical and so more expensive ( in the case in question by 30%).

Total project capital costs: 7.2 mln US

Expected environmental benefits including GHG emissions reduction ( ton CO2 per year or total emission reduction over the project's technical life time (t CO2) assuming project's technical life period- X years)

Annual Emission Reductions -14 944 tons CO2
ERs for Project Life (for 20 years)- 298 880 tons of CO2


Compliance with national and local development objectives and contribution to Sustainable development
The project is expected to comply with all environmental regulations and standards. The realization of the project also assists in creation of new working places, improvement of social atmosphere and economy development. The promotion of wind energy is within the framework of the National Environmental Action Plan and governmental strategy in energy sector of Kazakhstan till 2030 and obligations under UNFCCC. Currently, there is a consensus in the world about the policy objectives that wind energy should be developed and should soon cover up to 10% of the global energy demand. Achieving this objective will lead to installation of 175 MW in Akmola oblast.

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