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Country and location:
Republic of Kazakhstan
Location: North Kazakhstan, Astana-city


Type of the principal GHGs targeted for reduction by the project - CO2


Project category: - energy efficiency
Sector of economy is in the process of privatization The centralized heat supply system in the municipal sector is not economically reasonable. The costs for this system, for example, in the countries of CIS are 5 times bigger than in Sweden.

Project description:

  • Objectives:
    The principle objective of the project is to demonstrate the technical and economical viability of energy saving in the municipal sectors of the cities of Kazakhstan by using alternative sources of energy competitive with the HEC(heating electric centralized systems), also to reduce the costs on the heat supply and contribute to the reduction of pollution involved in the operation of the centralized heat supply system.
  • Current situation and expected outcomes:
    Astana is the rising city of Kazakhstan but with an old centralized heat supply system. It is proposed to implement a project to reduce the costs for the development of the heat supply system of Astana city by installation of automatic heating devices for hot water and ventilation and off-line diesel boiler in two demonstrative zones (for the kindergarten and for the hospital) in order to increase the efficiency of the systems in the whole and to reduce the heating load and heating losses, length and material capacity of pipelines of the centralized heating supply system working on coal. "Teplovic", Ltd developed the proposals on the concept of the heat supply of the city, according to which the autonomous heat systems will be implemented for the users of Astana city.
  • Outputs:
    The proposed pilot project will stand as a model for future further implementation of energy saving in the municipal sectors of the cities of Kazakhstan. The implementation of the project prevents construction of new lines of heating pipelines and makes it not necessary to expand the HEC-2 boiler house.
  • Current status
    A pre-feasibility study has been completed for the project

Total project capital costs: 2,2 mln US

Expected environmental benefits including GHG emission reductions (ton CO2 per year or total emission reduction over the project's technical life time (t CO2) assuming project's technical life period- X years)

GHG emission reductions over the projects lifetime( assuming 20 years)- 1 965 199 tons of CO2


Compliance with national and local development objectives and contribution to Sustainable development:
The project is to be treated as a part of the National Long-term Strategy "Reduction in energy consumption in the municipal sector for mitigation of anthropogenic impacts of energy sources on the environment".

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