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Improvement of efficiency of the heat-supply system


Country and location:
Republic of Kazakhstan Location: South Kazakhstan, Almaty city


Type of the principal GHGs targeted for reduction by the project- CO2
Project category - Energy efficiency
Sector of economy is in the process of privatization

Project description:

  • Objectives:
    The main objective is to reduce fuel consumption per 1 Gcal of heat, to demonstrate the potential to increase energy efficiency of gas and mazut boilers. The additional objective of the project is to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants.
  • Current situation and expected outcomes:
    PProposed project includes installation of solar collectors, reconstruction of the heating system (transfer to a closed heat-supply system) and installation of heat record devices.
  • Outcomes:
    Efficiency of boiler house will be increased from 83% up to 90%, and decrease of heat lossess by 30%. Consumption of fuel and air pollution will be decreased.
  • Current status:
    A pre-feasibility study has been completed for the project.

Total project capital costs: 200 thousand US

Expected environmental benefits including GHG emission reductions (tons CO2 per year or total emission reduction over the project's technical life time (t CO2) assuming project's technical life period- X years)

Annual Emission Reductions - 2 069 tons of CO2
ERs for Project Life (for 20 years)- 41 382 tons of CO2

Compliance with national and local development objectives and contribution to Sustainable development:

The project is expected to comply with all environmental regulations and standards. The realization of the project also assists in creation of new working places, improvement of social atmosphere, economy development and energy efficiency.

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