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Access to information and promoting public participation in implementation of projects related to GHG emission reduction


Country and location:
Republic of Kazakhstan
Location: Astana city


Type of the principal GHGs targeted for reduction by the project- CO2
Project category: --

Project description:

  • Objectives:
    The main objective of the project is to promote public awareness and involve public, businessmen, governmental departments and NGOs in implementation of environmental projects related to GHG emission reduction.
  • Current situation and expected outcomes:
    The project is aimed at promoting public participation in implementation of projects on environmental protection, GHG emission reduction, and compliance with the national obligations under UNFCCC. The project management group will coordinate all aspects of the project. TV and radio structural units will develop programs on regular public informing in every Kazakhstan oblast on all-environmental projects and planned actions. An editing center for publication of regular reports on ecology, ecological reviews, booklets for public, posters, bulletins for environmental NGOs and so on, will be established. NGO access to national environmental information and international informational networks of Internet will be provided.
  • Current status:
    Project idea

Total project capital costs: 1,0 mln US


Expected environmental benefits including GHG emission reductions ( tons CO2 per year or total emission reduction over the project's technical life time (t CO2) assuming project's technical life period- X years)
ERs for Project Life (for 10 years)-TBD


Compliance with national and local development objectives and contribution to Sustainable development:
The project will reduce GHG emissions. Local benefits include: reduction of GHG emissions, improvement of people's health, additional employment, supporting restructuring and environmentally sound development of natural resources and transfer of know-how and new technologies, promoting mitigation of global climate change, improvement and development of capacity building; providing free access of all public categories to environmental information, promoting democracy and initiating active participation of many people in regional environmental problems decision -making and defending their rights and freedom. Implementing this project it is supposed to establish a number of concrete structures in the general RK informational ecological infrastructure.

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